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Hello, I am Roberto Ugolini, founder of the company Truffleat Srl which has been operating for more than 10 years in the commercialization of fresh truffles and exclusive high-quality Italian products, with and without truffles.

The truffle market is booming, with a growth trend of at least 12% per year. Our company deals with the supply of gastronomy products for the Horeca and Retail channels: condiments, salt, sauces, snacks, extra virgin olive oil, pasta, with and without truffles.

In Italy, it is well known that each region holds its own treasures for its cuisine. Every ingredient counts, not just the chef and his grandmother’s secrets! I went myself in search of these treasures, one by one, by personally meeting each producer, tasting every product to witness its goodness, and then creating the two exclusive lines that I am about to present to you.

We are offering two lines of Italian excellence, the first dedicated to Truffle Lovers “LINEA TRUFFLEAT” and the second for those who are passionate about outstanding Italian Cuisine “LINEA UGOLINI“.

The TRUFFLEAT line – The Meeting Point of Truffle Lovers: exclusive Truffle products, 100% quality, and inebriating fresh Truffles sold by the kilo. Our company ships fresh truffles via DHL courier, carefully packaged in accordance with the freshness chain. Labeled with a guarantee of quality and origin.

The UGOLINI line – The Exclusive Traditional Italian Gourmet: A wide range of 100% Italian products, carefully selected on the basis of their unique quality and peculiarities, prepared in accordance with the regional tradition.

You can view our catalogs and our consumer price lists (for WHOLESALE there are customized prices) by downloading the PDF in low resolution or high resolution, at the following links:

Truffleat Low Resolution Catalog

Truffleat High Resolution Catalog

Truffleat Franchise Low Resolution Catalog

Truffleat Franchise High Resolution Catalog

Ugolini Low Resolution Catalog

Ugolini High Resolution Catalog

Price List Truffleat

Price List Ugolini Gourmet

Best regards and we look forward to meeting again,

Roberto Ugolini
Owner & Global Sales Director

WhatsApp: +393476398457
Phone: +390651845150

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