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TrufflEAT® Franchise Opportunities

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Open your business with us

Open a franchise business with TrufflEAT®: bar, restaurant, hotel, street food, casino, cruise ship, train station, airport.

Hotel Restaurant Franchise

Open an Hotel & Restaurant Franchise

TrufflEAT® Unique moments in a roof 5-star hotel truffle bar restaurant!

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Open a Bar & Restaurant Franchise

TrufflEAT® Gourmet, a unique experience with fresh Italian truffles

truffleat cruise ship

Open a franchise shop on Cruise Ship

TrufflEAT® Experience on a luxury cruise ships

truffleat airport e1623992473605

Open a franchise shop on airport

TrufflEAT® Dining Experience and Shopping in the Airport

truffleat train station e1623992625224

Open a franchise shop on train station

TrufflEAT® Gourmet food to take away and eat at the railway station

truffleat street food e1623993834366

Open a street food franchise

TrufflEAT® on a truck! Street food experience

truffleat casino e1623993132720

Open a franchise shop on casinò

TrufflEAT® Culinary experience at Casinò

ganter reference retail mercedes me hamburg4 scaled

Open a franchise shop on show room

TrufflEAT® Show Room Rendering & Concept

truffleat roof top 1

Open a franchise Bar & Restaurant on roof top

TrufflEAT® Roof Top Rendering & Concept

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Open a Truffleat Shop Franchise

TrufflEAT® Rendering concept for Shop

render bar2 2

Open a Truffleat Shop And Aperitifs Store Franchise

TrufflEAT® Rendering concept for Shop and Aperitifs Store

Truffleat concept e1623907454254

Open a Customized Shop Franchise

TrufflEAT® Customised Concept For Each Franchise Shop With Italian Designer

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