TrufflEAT® Franchise Opportunities

Open your business with us

Open your own store dedicated to truffles without any commission cost.

Truffleat srl already has 15 years of experience and its planned expansion in the world will be 100 stores in the next 7 years ! From today you can open a franchise outlet right in your city in Italy and in the world.

Truffleat provides the design and layouts, products and e-commerce, as well as all the experience of professionals in the field.

Market forecasts confirm the health of the industry, and Truffleat’s ambition is to share its winning formula with dynamic entrepreneurs.

Truffleat offers affiliations suitable for every context with professional training. Would you like to receive more information? Contact us!

Hotel Restaurant Franchise

Open an Hotel & Restaurant Franchise

TrufflEAT® Unique moments in a roof 5-star hotel truffle bar restaurant!

Open a Bar & Restaurant Franchise

TrufflEAT® Gourmet, a unique experience with fresh Italian truffles

Open a franchise shop on Cruise Ship

TrufflEAT® Experience on a luxury cruise ships

Open a franchise shop on airport

TrufflEAT® Dining Experience and Shopping in the Airport

Open a franchise shop on train station

TrufflEAT® Gourmet food to take away and eat at the railway station

Open a street food franchise

TrufflEAT® on a truck! Street food experience

Open a franchise shop on casinò

TrufflEAT® Culinary experience at Casinò

Open a franchise shop on show room

TrufflEAT® Show Room Rendering & Concept

Open a franchise Bar & Restaurant on roof top

TrufflEAT® Roof Top Rendering & Concept

Open a Truffleat Shop Franchise

TrufflEAT® Rendering concept for Shop

Open a Truffleat Shop And Aperitifs Store Franchise

TrufflEAT® Rendering concept for Shop and Aperitifs Store

Open a Customized Shop Franchise

TrufflEAT® Customised Concept For Each Franchise Shop With Italian Designer