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The meeting point
For Truffle Lovers

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Rome, Italy 2022

TrufflEAT® The Meeting Point
For Italian Truffle Lovers

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TrufflEAT® was founded in Thailand in 2010, in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Urbani Tartufi, whose catalogue products they import under a licence authorised by the Food and Drug Administration. It is based in Italy and Thailand. TrufflEAT® today represents the excellence of Italian companies collecting and producing truffle products, one of the most prestigious Italian products. It also markets a line of own-brand products worldwide through e-commmerce, private individuals and Franchise stores.

Soon a TrufflEat® Bar & Shop in Rome, Italy.
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TrufflEAT® Excellent Fresh italian Truffles delivered worldwide

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The export market for fresh truffles boasts a turnover of $6 billion, and $15 billion for truffle products. And the trend is increasing for both white and black truffles, every season.

TrufflEAT® exports the best Italian truffles to individuals, entrepreneurs and independents who sell them through an account on our e-commerce platform truffleat.

DHL delivers within 24/48/72 hours worldwide

Increasing demand for fresh truffles, good for business.

TrufflEAT® Fast and secure e-commerce, delivery within 24/72 hours…

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TrufflEAT® e-commerce is a fast and safe way to get selected fresh Italian truffles, approved by the FDA. Depending on the season, white or black varieties are available.
Lovers can order any kind of salt, butter, sauce and extra virgin olive oil with white or black truffles, gift boxes, snacks, sweets and many other items. A great selection of fine TrufflEat products. Consumers get high quality products at a very good price.

DHL delivers within 24/48/72 hours worldwide.

Fast, secure, high quality delightful products.
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