Mayonnaise and black summer truffle 80 gr

Compact cream based on mayonnaise and summer black truffle. Ideal for seasoning meat, cold dishes, boiled meats, salads.

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The Black Summer Truffle Mayonnaise, presented in a practical 80 gram jar, represents the perfect balance between the creaminess of the mayonnaise and the intense aroma of the truffle. Each spoonful of this delicacy offers an explosion of flavours that blend into an irresistible blend of taste and texture.

The base of this mayonnaise is carefully composed, using high quality ingredients. Sunflower oil makes up 70% of mayonnaise, giving it an oily and silky base. Water, pasteurized egg yolk and wine vinegar contribute to creaminess and flavor balance. Modified corn starch and xanthan gum act as natural thickeners, ensuring a stable, velvety texture. Lemon juice and paprika extract add notes of freshness and color, while the aroma gives a touch of pleasantness.

The undisputed protagonist of this mayonnaise is the Black Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), present at 3%. Its distinctive aroma and deep flavour blend harmoniously with mayonnaise, creating a symphony of flavours that will delight the palate. The acidifier lactic acid E270 regulates acidity, contributing to a perfect balance of the seasoning.

Mayonnaise with Black Summer Truffle is the ideal accompaniment for a variety of dishes. You can use it to season fish, shellfish, meat, cold dishes, boiled meats and salads. Its creamy texture and enveloping truffle flavour make it a versatile choice to elevate any dish to a higher level of sophistication. Add a sweet touch of luxury to your meals with this unique and delicious mayonnaise.

Ingredients: Mayonnaise (sunflower oil 70%, water, pasteurised EGG yolk 5%, wine vinegar, modified corn starch, salt, thickener: xanthan gum, lemon juice, paprika extract, flavouring), summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 3%, acidifier: lactic acid E270.

Expiry date: 12 months.

How to use: Ideal for seasoning meat, cold dishes, boiled meats, salads.

Organoleptic characteristics: Appearance: regular Colour: white with pieces of truffle Odor: typical of the product and pleasant State: solid

Allergens: The product does not contain allergenic substances or products containing such components. Gluten-free. Contains preservatives (Acidifier E270).

Primary packaging: Glass vase + tinplate capsule.

Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy Kj 2573 / Kcal 626 Fat 68 g of which saturated fatty acids 7.9 g Carbohydrates 1.7 g of which sugars 0.1 g Fibre 0.2 g Protein 1.8 g Salt 1.64 g

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