Mythological Oil and Gourmet from Sicily with a great theme, which has always fascinated the nature of this brand: the mythology of the Mediterranean Sea.

The products of the Gorgon Heraia combine the passion for the myth with its products of great quality Evo oil and gour- met. The combination of an effective label linked to a very specific myth of our history; taste and culture will be at the service of the Gorgon, HERAIA.

Manual collection at the beginning of October. Moresca olives and Nocellara Etnea olives are processed within 48 hours at a certified plant.
In this place, the processing takes place with a blade technique and at a constant temperature of 22° C. Subsequently, the oil is stored in steel silos to rest for decantation.
Finally, it is bottled.

The Style

For this olive oil, the style has tried to combine the mysticism of the myth of the Mediterrane- an sea with the strong taste of our oil.

The direct reference is to the gorgon that is the symbol of this brand. This homage has been made, showing the combination of snake coils with a background full of light and dark olives.