OEM Food production

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We allow investors who invest in the Food & Beverage sector, to create an existing company operating in a different sector, as well as some companies in the Luxury section that have decided to create restaurants with their own Brands, or to companies already in the Food & Beverage sector, why not also already operating in the Truffle segment but not yet known, give visibility all over the world with an innovative concept, and last but not least, a simple investor who does not believe in the real estate or financial sector, he chooses the entrepreneurial one by starting his new brand in the Truffle industry. Here we evaluate all the possibilities and locations and everything necessary including the commercial launch.

Combining Food Safety, Operational Performance & Sustainable Design of Your F&B products

Services of raw materials and ingredients. Formulation and formula development services. Food & Beverage Services. Packaging design and production services.

OEM Partnership Opportunities

TrufflEAT®’s OEM manufacturing division is dedicated to assisting partners to develop and launch products into the market quickly and efficiently. By providing unique resources that include R&D, proprietary device design, and complete manufacturing capabilities, Truffleat can bring a product from a dream to reality.

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