Italian Parmesan Truffle Fries Ugolini truffle oil

Crispy potatoes, truffle oil, and Parmesan cheese: WOW! These Parmesan truffle fries are insanely tasty, baked in a hot oven until they’re crisp. Vegan variation included.

Truffle Fries

Oh hi there, fellow truffle lovers! Ever ordered truffle fries at a restaurant and wanted to recreate them at home? Well, do we have a recipe for you! This Parmesan truffle fries recipe is pretty darn special. The flavor is every bit as good as restaurant fries, though they’re baked not fried. They have just the right subtle hint of earthy truffle. And they’re crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, perfectly salted and mixed with cheese to take them over the top. Seriously, WOW! You’ll feel so fancy, you won’t know what to do with yourself. As a 100% truffle fan, I was blown away with this one. (And Alex was happy to find my ideal comfort food recipe.)

Parmesan truffle fries

What are truffle fries?

First off: what exactly are truffle fries? Truffle fries are french fries mixed with truffle flavor. Usually, the flavor comes from with truffle oil, though some restaurants may use shaved real truffle. And we’re not talking chocolate here, obviously! Black and white truffles can be considered a type of mushroom: but technically, they’re fungi! Unlike other mushrooms, they grow underground and don’t have a visible stem. They’re considered the “diamond of the kitchen” and are highly prized in many cuisines.

Why do people love truffles so much? Well, first of all the flavor. Truffles are earthy, intoxicating, and make anything they’re added to taste more intriguing. Second, they’re very expensive and rare because they’re difficult to harvest (making them all the more desirable!). Hunters actually take specially trained dogs and pigs out to hunt for truffles to find their scent underground. Which leads us to why truffle oil has become an easy way to enjoy the flavor of truffles. Keep reading…

What’s the best truffle oil?

If you’re a truffle lover like I am, you may have heard there’s some controversy around truffle oil. Chefs have often turned up their noses at it. Why? Well, many truffle oils out there are synthetic. They only mimic flavors found in real truffles and are often extremely strong. But good news: there are finally some all-natural truffle oils on the market! This type of truffle oil is made with pieces of actual truffles and is not synthetic. Use all-natural truffle oil for these Parmesan truffle fries if at all possible!

What’s the best truffle oil to buy for truffle fries? Our favorite brand to use is Ugolini’s white truffle oil (we’re not affiliated). It’s made in Italy, is all-natural, and has real truffle pieces inside. After cooking with it for a while, we love its subtle truffle aroma. If you grab a jar, you can also use it on our Truffle Pizza!

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