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Open a franchise shop on the cruise ship

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TrufflEAT® Experience
on a luxury cruise ship

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Cruises are among the fastest growing sectors of the global travel industry. Over the past decade, cruise revenues have reached US$37 billion, marking the most successful and perhaps most transformative period in the industry’s history (CLIA 2019).

This restaurant and boutique concept will be present on a group of cruise ships where you can purchase TrufflEAT© products and, at the same time, enjoy our freshly cooked truffle menu on deck, whether for a snack or a full dining experience.

Fresh white truffle risotto on the cruise deck with Prosecco?

Cruise Ship Rendering & Concept

This dine-in concept store will be present within a Cruise ship Group where you can enjoy your shopping for Truffle products and in the same time try our freshly cooked Truffle menu on deck, wether for a snack or a whole dining experience.

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