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TrufflEAT® Gourmet Restaurant Franchise, a unique experience with fresh Italian truffles

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TrufflEAT® Gourmet Restaurant is a unique concept offering the delights of the prestigious Italian truffle combined with the famous Italian cuisine of top Italian and international chefs in a luxury bar and restaurant.

The mission of TrufflEat® is to bring Italian cuisine combined with fresh Italian truffles to the world, to spread the sensation of tasting a delicacy, in an enveloping and pleasant environment. A triumph of pleasant sensations for cocktails, business and pleasure dinners.

Warm place, Italian food, nice people. Only good business!

TrufflEAT® Rendering concept
for bar & restaurant

Most of the times people strive to have different restaurants then others, we give you the opportunity to do so!

The pleasure of having a restaurant is to have a place that stands out of the normal formula of doing restaurant business, we create for you from A-Z in all aspects of building a concept.

Together with our team we will assure your success by guiding you troughout the start up phase up until you’re ready to take over your new restaurant.

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