Open your franchise shop on airport

TrufflEAT® Dining Experience
and Shopping in the Airport

A new generation of tech-savvy consumers wants their travel experience to start before they get on the plane, and a key part of that experience is airport Food&Buy. Passenger numbers could double to 8.2 billion by 2037, and on average 50% of passengers eat and drink at airports. (IATA)

The TrufflEAT® concept consists of offering a dining experience before departure. And organising a cosy area for tasting and purchasing TrufflEAT® products and gift packs. The best combination for a successful business.

Sauces, Olive oil, Dryied Truffles, Pesto of Truffles…

Rendering concept for airport

It is proven that major luxury Food and Beverage Groups are more and more present within airports.

We as TrufflEAT® have created a concept that will be standing out from the crowed as it is a specialty Food & Beverage outlet with no direct competitors. Be the first to be part of this creation…