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Italian Parmesan Truffle Fries Ugolini truffle oil

Italian Parmesan Truffle Fries Ugolini truffle oil patate con tartufo

Crispy potatoes, truffle oil, and Parmesan cheese: WOW! These Parmesan truffle fries are insanely tasty, baked in a hot oven until they’re crisp. Vegan variation included. Oh hi there, fellow truffle lovers! Ever ordered truffle fries at a restaurant and wanted to recreate them at home? Well, do we have a recipe for you! This Parmesan […]

‘Norcia Black Truffle Delights’ Menu at Tosca The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

‘Norcia Black Truffle Delights’ Menu at Tosca The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong Crab Cookies with Truffle

Tosca, famous for refined Italian creative cooking, was honored with one Michelin star only eight months after two-star Michelin chef, Pino Lavarra, took over as director. To show his appreciation to his guests, Chef Pino has yet again crafted another creative menu featuring ‘the black diamond of gastronomy’— the black truffle of Norcia. The five-course […]

Tagliolini with White Truffles

Tagliolini with White Truffles white Truffle Michelin

“You cannot make a more expensive pasta dish than this, but that is not as important as the fact that you cannot make a more delicious pasta dish,” says Fabio Trabocchi, chef/owner of his eponymous restaurant empire—which includes one-Michelin-starred Fiola—in Washington, D.C. Trabocchi whips up decadent creations across his restaurants, including a sinful pasta dish […]

TrufflEat : White Truffles Piedimont

TrufflEat : White Truffles Piedimont alba top quality

Those of you reading us on a regular basis know I like to write about my family and the many, fond memories I have from my childhood, which I delightfully spent in the lovely hills of southern Piemonte. Actually, I think you may be able to start reconstructing my family tree just by pieceing together the little […]


Truffleat : RECIPES WITH WHITE TRUFFLE black truffle pasta scaled

Recipes with white truffle: 6 ideas from appetizers to desserts! Of all the truffles, the white truffle  is certainly the rarest and most valuable and obviously the most expensive. The characteristic that makes truffles so desirable and precious is the fact that they cannot be cultivated: only truffle hunters can find them in the woods […]

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